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      All Fans and Blowers
      • Backward Inclined DWDI
      • Backward Inclined SWSI Square Fan
      • ECF Plenum
      • EZ Plenum
      • FA Plenum
      • Forward Curved DWDI
      • OV Plenum
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      All OEM Wheels
      • Backward Inclined Wheel for Unhoused SWSI Apps
      • Backward Inclined Wheel for Housed SWSI Apps
      • Backward Inclined Wheel for Plenum Apps
      • Backward Inclined Wheel for Housed DWDI Apps
      • Backward Inclined Wheel for In-Line Centrifugal Apps
      • Cast Radial Wheels for Housed SWSI Apps
      • Fabricated Radial Wheels for Housed SWSI Apps
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      Fan Arrays
      • CA Plenum Array
      • EZ Plenum Array
      • FA Plenum Array
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If you are already familiar with Mechanovent product names, the "Select by Product Line" category allows you to select particular product(s) directly.
  • All Fans and Blowers: all the product lines except the following.
  • Fan Arrays: EZ Plenum Fan and FA Plenum Fan
You may select one or more items from within different branches of the tree-list with the following exceptions.
  • Fan Arrays cannot be selected in conjunction with any other product.
Saved Selections or Configurations
If you have logged in, you can retrieve prior saved selections or input conditions by clicking the "My Configurations" link in the black header above.
Once all desired items are selected, click the Continue button at the bottom-right to continue the selection process. The next step will allow you to specify desired performance conditions and, optionally, further limit fan design attributes.
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