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At Mechanovent, our dedication to customer satisfaction is not just a promise. It's a company-wide philosophy, endorsed by all of our employees. This commitment translates into a unique customer service team, which provides unequalled customer satisfaction and exceptional value.

Contact the Mechanovent team using one of the means below.

General E-Mail:

Corporate Headquarters
171 Factory Street
LaPorte, IN 46350

Gary P. Benson - President
Direct Phone: 630-794-5750 | Fax: 630-794-5785
Contact Gary with new business opportunities.

Dana Wade - National Sales Manager
Direct Phone: 219-325-6787 | Fax: 219-325-6805
Contact Dana with new business, technical questions and applications.

Pat Bessegato - Account Executive
Direct Phone: 219-325-6779 | Fax: 219- 325-6805
Contact Pat with technical inquiries, and application questions.

Kim Magers - Administrative Assistant and Order Service
Direct Phone: 219-325-6788 | Fax: 219-325-6805
Contact Kim regarding all sales acknowledgements, invoice concerns, and shipment tracing.